A) Making a purchase

1. Order

We offer the possibility to order conveniently via our online-shop, by mail or by fax. For mutual safety, orders from abroad are not accepted by telephone.

2. How to pay

a) By payment in advance
When ordering by payment in advance, the ordered goods will be sent as soon as the invoice amount is credited to our bank account.

b) By credit card / PayPal
For our customers, we offer payment by Mastercard or Visa credit cards.

Advice: Please indicate your e-mail-address when ordering. You then automatically receive an acknowledgement-e-mail regarding the receipt of your order with all necessary details for the desired way of payment.

3. Delivery

We choose the most favourable way of dispatch for your delivery. Of course we deliver your orders at your home address. Should the carrier not be able to deliver the goods, we will inform you in writing. You then have the choice to either have the goods delivered again or to pick up the goods at a depositary near your home address. If not avoidable, we reserve the right of effecting partial deliveries.

We insure all parcels up to a value of 1000,- €, since the risk of transport passes over to the buyer once the goods are handed out to the carrier. This service is free of charge for our customers. Please consider that customs' fees and import purchases taxes will be charged when the goods are exported to non-eu-countrys and we do not know how much this will cost you. The customs authorities in charge will be able to inform you about these charges.

B) Security of purchase / Instructions for the right of withdrawal

1. Warranty

Basically, we grant two years of implied warranty on all items, as alleged by law.

2. Your right of withdrawal

Provided that you act as consumer, you can revoke your contractual statement in writing (e. g. letter, fax, e-mail) or by returning the goods "> without giving reasons within 14 days. We will again communicate in writing these instructions for the right of withdrawal to you separately. The withdrawal period starts on the day you receive the goods and the instructions for your right of withdrawal in writing. A punctual dispatch of your revocation or of the goods suffices to comply with the time limit of the revocation period.

The right of withdrawal is only valid for the Distance Selling Act, not when buying in our shopping stores (in Sezana). A withdrawal or an exchange of goods purchased in our shopping store in Sezana is not possible.

The revocation is to be addressed to:
MATHITECH d.o.o., Kraska Ulica 4 - 6210 Sezana - Slovenija
VAT SI28532139, tel. +386 057300444, fax +386 057300445, www.biketarget.com, sales@mathitech.it

Consequences of a revocation

In the event of an effective revocation, the performances received on both sides are to be returned and, if applicable, benefits (e. g. interests) are to be released. In case you cannot return the goods completely or partially or only in bad order and condition, you will have to compensate the corresponding value in this respect, if applicable. This is not valid, if the deficiency of the good is attributed solely to its control - like it would have been possible in a retail shop - or to the intended putting into use of the good.

Parcel-transportable goods are to be returned on our risk. You are to bear the costs of the return consignment if the delivered goods correspond to the ordered ones and if the price of the item(s) to be returned does not exceed an amount of 40 € (only valid within Slovenia) or, in case of a higher price of the good(s), if you have not effected the payment or an instalment agreed by contract at the time of the revocation. Otherwise, the return consignment is free of freight charges for you.

Obligations of reimbursements of payments are to be fulfilled by you within 30 days of your declaration of withdrawal's dispatch.

Please pack the goods to be returned carefully, as transport damage caused by deficient or missing packing is not insured, unfortunately. In this case, we reserve the right to claim compensation for the corresponding value.

Goods delivered in original packagings of the manufacturer (e.g. shoes, helmets) can only be returned in these original packagings.

End of the instructions for the right of withdrawal.

3. Transport damage/complaints

We kindly ask our customers to report evident defects as to quality within one week of receipt of goods. In the event of transport damage, which is already visible externally, we ask you to control the parcel immediately and to let the carrier give you a written confirmation of the damage.

4. Privacy policy

We use and save your data in accordance with the "(...." (Italian Data Protection Act) and only if this is necessary to process your order correctly. If necessary, the required data will be forwarded to service providers for this reason. All individual-related data will of course be treated strictly confidentially.

C) Coupon

The coupon code must be pasted into the coupon code field and it also needs to be varified by clicking on the “cash”-button.

The coupon code must be pasted into the "Your message to us:" field.

D) Supplier

MATHITECH d.o.o. - Kraska Ulica 4 - 6210 Sezana
Slovenija VAT SI28532139